The Myers Group Inc. is a professional executive search firm. We provide a broad range of executive and management search services for clients throughout the US and worldwide.

The firm and our staff have won numerous awards for excellence including global recognition. Our clients range from small and midsized companies primarily in North America to very large global organizations. Please see the Industry Focus page for descriptions of the industries we serve.

If you are an employer: We are long term focused, just like you. We want you to know that we measure success via Retention Rate A percentage of the people that we place who remain on the job or are promoted over time. Our current (and historic) Retention Rate of placed candidates at the one year mark is over 97%. Please see the Client Services and Industry Focus sections for more information about our range of services.

If you are a candidate: If you are looking for a new position we will be happy to discuss current opportunities with you and advise you of potential changes in your area of expertise. Please see the Candidate Services section to learn more about Active Searches and the recruiters that work in your area.