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Your decision to change careers can affect every dimension of your life. That's why our recruiters spend time getting to know you, your needs and your goals. Because our recruiters are specialists who have extensive work experience within their focus areas, we can help you connect with the leading companies in your industry. Search Active Searches to view some of our current projects.

Résumé and Cover Letters

When done well, a résumé is an elegantly simple document. Done poorly it's a career killer. We won't write your resume for you, but we probably will give you some frank advice. Read all you can about how to write one, but if you really want to know how to "be the best you that you can be on paper" Connect with us.

As professional recruiters who only work with the best candidates, we need to know a lot of information about you before we present you to our clients. 1) Accomplishments that accurately demonstrate your skills and experience, 2) We are interested in you as a person: tell us what you're most proud of, what unusual and unique things you've done, where you see your career heading, where you and your family might like to live.

When you apply for a position on-line, please also e-mail us your letter and résumé as a Microsoft Word document.


There is a lot of 'advice' on interviewing out there. Most of it is of marginal value at best, and some of it is dangerously bad at worst. Why? Because it's all so generic. The key to a good interview is knowing yourself, and knowing your audience. By being well prepared, the interview becomes a pleasant experience for both sides! (Here's your free tip from the recruiter This applies as much to the Interviewee as it does the Interviewer!). When you work with us, the value of the Relationship Based Recruiting model becomes quite clear. See our Blog or Connect with us to learn more.


We treat your résumé confidentially and will not forward it to anyone without contacting you first to discuss the opportunity. We are an equal opportunity employer and expect that the companies who use our services are too.

The Myers Group Inc. does not discriminate in the acceptance or referral of candidates on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, marital status, disability, or other protected characteristic.

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Getting started with us is as simple as submitting your résumé. Please also search Active Searches listings to apply on-line for specific job opportunities.