Going Beyond Traditional Expectations

  • Not just a bunch of résumés with The Myers Group Inc. as your partner, you'll get resumes (of course), but the real value is in the deeper conversations we have with you and with the talent. The process culminates in your slate arriving in your Inbox, including the Resume's, Executive Overviews, and References on a few people who meet the Search Profile and who are actually interested in the role FOR THE RIGHT REASONS.
  • You will find that The Myers Group Inc.'s services include much more than "filling a position." Because we each talk to over 100 professionals every day, our Recruiters are very well networked and very knowledgeable of the latest news and trends in the industry all across the globe. Many of our hiring authorities call on a regular basis to see "what we have heard out there". In addition, we provide insight from our very unique point of view. In many ways, your Recruiter is a consultant, providing invaluable industry information that you simply couldn't get from any other source.
  • Support Services we provide today include but are not limited to: Consultation, Training, Job Description Design, Talent Sourcing Strategy, Scheduling Coordination, Background Checking, Hiring Process Benchmarking, Interview Preparation, etc. Some of this is provided at no charge to Key Clients!
  • With a core focus in YOUR industry, the highest retention rate, a 'close' rate 2x better than industry average, and pacing over last year's record placements in a down economy, working with TMGI is your STRATEGIC ADVANTAGE.