Client Services

We are long term focused, just like you. The people you will interview and hire with our help are intensely screened and vetted through our "Relationship Based Recruiting" style to align Skills, Goals and Fit so that you get the best choices to make the right hire.

Here is what one of our clients said (unsolicited) about us when referring us to another colleague in a different department:

"Eric's company's approach is very different. He interviewed me on several occasions for over an hour each to understand the role definition, project details/requirements/expectations, my leadership style, the company culture, etc. prior to starting his search efforts. He viewed it as essential that he find the right match. During his search process we spoke on several occasions during which he asked clarifying questions, provided status updates, etc. He also asked if I had specific questions I wanted answered to help him refine the search. He interviewed his candidates several times prior to presenting the best candidates to me. He does view it as his role to screen out the chaff and only present candidates that will get hired.

On the first position, I had two headhunters working on the role. Myers Group presented resumes far exceeded the other headhunter's resumes. The candidate was absolutely top notch!

On the second position, we used Myers group and also internal efforts (internal and external candidates). Once again, Myers Group far exceeded my expectations. Eric brought me the candidate we hired, even after interviewing numerous other internally sourced candidates.

I've heard from both individuals that the screening/interviewing process was the most rigorous and thorough they have ever encountered in their professional careers. Working w/ Eric was extremely efficient from the investment of my time. I don't know how rates / percentages compare with other headhunters, but if we are looking at value provided, the Myers group clearly provided the BEST value during my search efforts. Tom"