The company with the best talent wins.
But most great people already have great jobs. And with more than 10,000 career sites on the Internet, job postings are a game of chance. How do you wade through the clutter to find the best talent? Once you find them, how do you attract them? Here is how we do it.

You find the best talent by developing a Relationship with a talented recruiter.
One who listens to you, and asks you deeper questions to get to the root of the need. One with a network specialized by industry, a database of contacts at the best companies and a direct line to the best people. One who knows their candidates deeply and asks the tough questions. This is a People Business after all...nearly anyone can keyword match a resume for you, but it takes a LOT of expertise, effort and trust to go beyond... That's The Myers Group Inc.

We're the best at helping you. Here's why:

  • Based on a detailed analysis of your specific requirements, we carefully screen and interview hundreds of candidates before presenting only the ones that closely fit the Search Profile.
  • We care about our candidates, working hard to match them with challenging opportunities that match their career goals, experience and personality.
  • Expert and experienced in our areas of practice. We're the best in the business in certain fields and very good in many others. If we can't help you, we'll tell you