25 Step Executive Search and Selection Process

  1. Secure a signed fee agreement for contingency, exclusive, or retained search.
  2. Obtain a complete job order including how we can attract candidates from our client's competition.
  3. Obtain the profile of the ideal candidate to help us screen candidates.
  4. Advise client of industry compensation standards and what their competitor's compensation standards are.
  5. Assemble project staff as needed and conduct marketplace research to uncover competitors and other companies with desirable skills.
  6. Compile a list of target companies, review and revise with client.
  7. Conduct at clients request and expense, face to face or videoconference interviews with qualified candidates.
  8. Present short list of qualified candidates for client's review.
  9. Submit resume and executive overviews matching specific client requirements to candidate's qualifications.
  10. Arrange interviews with client.
  11. Prepare candidates for the interview including company information.
  12. Submit reference check recap and education verification.
  13. Prepare client with candidate's hot buttons.
  14. Debrief candidate.
  15. Debrief client with candidate feedback or concerns.
  16. Arrange final interviews and "close" candidates.
  17. Debrief candidates and client.
  18. Negotiate with finalist for the client.
  19. Conduct additional background checks, at client's expense, as needed which generally takes 2-5 days. Customary expenses are: credit history ($50), motor vehicle records ($50-5 days), wants and warrants check ($40 3 days).
  20. Communicate verbal offer to candidate and relay acceptance to client 48 hours.
  21. Advise candidate on resignation and counter offers.
  22. Review written offer and verify start date.
  23. Stay in touch with candidate.
  24. Prepare invoice information so invoice arrives on or before the employee's start date.
  25. Verify with client that he or she is happy with new employee.